The East West Dojo

East West Karate Academy is located in beautiful Sussex County NJ, close to the border of Lafayette and Sparta on Rt 15. We study the Isshinryu form of Karate, which is an Okinawan style emphasizing speed, simplicity, and practical self defense.

Our school began in Stanhope, NJ in 1989.  In 1992, we opened a second dojo in Sparta. In April 1999, we moved to 155 Woodport Road Sparta, and both dojos were merged into one Academy.  Our new location at 564 Lafayette Rd boasts over 5000 square feet of state of the art mats and equipment.

Isshinryu translates to “One-Heart Style”.  Founded by Master Tatsuo Shimabuku, Isshinryu originated in Okinawa in 1954.  This form of karate is a combination of two older styles, Shorinryu and Gojuryu.

Studying karate isn’t just about the moves. Students are also trained in physical fitness, conditioning, agility and balance. Other focuses of study include: Kali & Escrima, Jujitsu, Judo, Okinawan Weapons, and Muay Thai . Students wishing to compete beyond the dojo are welcome to join the East West AAU Team.

The East West Family of instructors is all “home grown”, meaning they are never hired from elsewhere – each one has earned a black belt at East West.  They are parents or students who have taken special training with Sensei Klinger on the methods of teaching.  Instructors are gentle but firm, and stress the importance of developing a positive mental attitude.  Most importantly the instructors love what they do.  Their reputation is important and they continually work on self-improvement through the art of karate.

Each class is professionally planned and conducted in a disciplined manner to develop a proper attitude and environment for learning. There is a large staff which increases the teacher/student ratio. Students are trained diligently and are taught to always do their best, in and out of the dojo.

At East West, students are broken into groups based on age and experience. This enables our instructors to teach in a safe environment and allows students to learn at a rank-appropriate pace. Students are promoted in rank when they demonstrate they have the required physical and mental skills. This means that they attend classes regularly, show commitment to learning by practicing and studying concepts, and behave as a dedicated karate student, both in and out of the dojo.

East West Karate Academy provides martial arts programs for all ages!  Karate provides a healthy and exciting atmosphere where students can increase strength and focus. We are home to a wide range of students from the greater Sussex County area including: Sparta, Jefferson, Andover, Stanhope, Byram, Green, Fredon, Lake Hopatcong, Hampton, Sandyston, Ogdensburg and Newton.

What is it really like?
Between the bows there is group stretching and conditioning, fundamental basic exercises of stances, punches, throws and kicks. Students are then separated into specialized groups according to age, rank and ability, to learn and improve specific criteria for each group.  We set long and short term goals to develop commitment and dedication skills, lose weight and “tone up”, increase flexibility, learn self-defense, and boost confidence.  Karate helps individuals unwind and relieve stress and can also provide a form of meditation.

Why East West?
Quality Instruction: Our school is committed to providing a safe and caring environment for students of all ages to learn. Certified instructors participate in a teaching program designed to facilitate proper instruction and ensure introduction of new material, while following an overall curriculum.
Flexible Schedule: East West offers a variety of classes for all age groups, enabling students to attend classes that fit their school, work and extracurricular activity schedules. Please view our schedule section for details.
Growth: New students typically begin by attending classes twice a week. They may opt for private lessons with any one of our numerous certified instructors, to further enhance their skills or make up a missed class. Special sparring and weapons classes are also available for the advancing student.
Competition: Students looking to compete have the option of participating in various local and national tournaments throughout the year. For those still looking for more competition, East West boasts a Spartan Competition Team. This is an AAU Special team that offers an opportunity to be part of the USA Team to qualifying participants.
Family Friendly: East West provides a family friendly environment. Payments are monthly and no contracts are necessary, and we offer family discounts.  We welcome families to observe classes from our convenient viewing room and instructors are frequently available for questions/comments after class.
Fun: Children love the dynamic classes, which not only teach karate moves and sparring, but also include a wide variety of skill based activities, as well as life lessons on handling situations. Accomplishments: Parents love the development of the child as a whole. Students learn discipline, focus and respect. As children move through the ranks, they must demonstrate that they are good karate students both in and outside of the dojo!  Adults love the cardiovascular exercise and muscle toning that is incorporated into routines, which help exercise and relax the mind.

How do I get started?
Our curriculum format is such that a new student can enter the class at any time and not feel lost or uncomfortable.  Call or stop by the academy to setup an introductory month.  There is no obligation. The only commitment is the one a student makes to them self.  Please arrive 15 minutes prior to class start time to complete necessary paperwork. We welcome you to contact us with questions or stop by the school to observe our staff and students in action.  We look forward to seeing you here!